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Dokumentų valdymo sistema „REGIS“

Informuojame, kad sukurta dokumentų valdymo sistemos „REGIS“ nauja versija (7.0).

Sistema „REGIS“ realizuojama Windows terpėje, naudojant reliacinių duomenų bazių valdymo sistemą MS SQL Server.

 Kaina nuo 520 EUR be PVM.

Į kainą įeina:

Programinių priemonių pateikimas (programos naudojimo licencija ir eksploatacinė dokumentacija), programinių priemonių instaliavimas pirkėjo kompiuteryje, vartotojų apmokymas.



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Main activities

Information systems and database design, installation, maintenance, consulting. Company professionals can create a special client software needed or to adapt an existing program to the specificities of the customer. JSC "EGOS" specialists ensure full user training and system maintenance work. Application system support- is the existing system improvements, new requirements for recording and functions installation.

Information systems

We do all the work, from computerized analysis of the object and the conceptual model construction, application and database design, programming, system integration and testing, to installation works, personnel training, the maintenance of copyright software.

Copyright Information Systems Maintenance

Copyright Ltd. "EGOS" of software products is maintained in customers who have purchased our service contracts. For such clients, our specialists have a variety of service activities: consultancy,staff training to work with programs that ensure data security, installed upgrades, perform system modifications and improvements.